Steph’s a genius, but you probably already know that

It’s summer, so we’re out of our regularly cooking schedule, but we’re still busy picking berries and harvesting rhubarb and zucchini and… and… and…

Blueberry picking

Naturally we freeze our berries and rhubarb, but what to do with those giant zucchini?


Freeze that too!

As much as I’d love to know how long it would take for those suckers to freeze through, that’s not what I had in mind.



Shredded Zucchini


Shred it first!

This is the time of year when I really LOVE my food processor – so fast, so easy. Yet another point in support of freezer bags, the giant ones are great for fast freezing because you can spread out the food in a thin layer.

What else can you freeze?

Frozen Bacon


Bacon,” says Steph, “I cook a few pounds of bacon, wrap it in paper towel, bag it and throw it in my freezer for lunches.”

To cook a bacon in big batches, lay it out on a cookie sheet and put leave it in the oven at 350F for 15-20 minutes.


Don’t stop there…

Poached eggs (yes, this does make me shudder, but I do it for the kids)
French toast (when I imagine maple syrup on this, it actually sounds palatable :)
Pesto (leave out the parmesan for a vegan version)
Poached chicken (great shredded, portioned out and frozen for quick lunches)
Rice (thaw it, warm it and fluff it with a fork)
Herbs (chopped and ready to use)
Raw muffin mix (freeze in their papers and thaw them overnight for morning baking)
Cheese (slice or grate it first so it’s ready when you are)

Do you freeze other things that might surprise us? Tell us!

Do you have something you are not sure how to freeze? Ask! I’m sure Steph will know.

Allergies suck, but eating (and last minute cooking) doesn’t have to,
Meat Eating Vegans

Live within limits without limiting life
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