Anything she didn’t have to cook

That’s the answer my kids will offer if you ask them: What is mommy’s favourite food?

But! My friend Steph, or as I like to call her, my personal trainer, has me in the kitchen and actually ENJOYING MYSELF! “Hey Steph,” I say to her one day, “Let’s start a cooking night. We’ll make double batches of freezer meals to have on hand for the busy nights.”

Steph making gnocchi with the girls Little did I know making gnocchi was first on her list!

I’ll be honest, the thought of making potato pasta from  scratch was daunting, but not wanting to discourage her, I dug right in. We had a tonne of fun, and our girls joined in. The kids, especially mine, are learning the pleasures of cooking together and I think it may be a tradition that they carry into their own futures.

We have learned that gnocchi is hard to make vegan!

We have learned that finding time is a challenge, but committing to one another makes us do it. We have adopted a split-shift approach: From 5-6 we pre-prep, then part ways to feed our families. We reconvene after dinner to finish up, and “sometimes” we have a glass of wine and dance to 80s rock (long live the saxophone!), while we taste our creations.

We have also learned that lesbians might be onto something. While one of us is mixing up a sauce, the other is chopping. While one of us is sautéing, the other is cleaning. Two women in the kitchen is FANTASTIC!

Our kids drift in and out and we leave each other alone at times so we can shuttle some child to karate or to bed. More than anything, we lean on each other on the nights when our husbands are out of town.

The last thing I wanted to do tonight was leave the house, but my energy returns as soon as I think how thankful I am for her encouragement and her commitment to stirring up my love of cooking. Besides, I just brought home a veganized* variation of Jamie Oliver’s lamb shanks** – a stewed version that is (who really needs their food to look that fancy anyway?!?!?!?).

Allergies suck, but eating (and cooking!) doesn’t have to,
Meat Eating Vegans

Live within limits without limiting life
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*In place of butter we use vegan margarine
**In place of sage we use mint – yum!

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